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How Areti works?

Do you know what your bank does with your money?

We are a bank for people who care about the role their money plays in the world. We believe in a different way to do banking, more transparent, more human, and more responsible with people and the environment.

Why us?

Because what you do with your money could make the difference.

At Areti Bank we are pleased to serve depositors and investors who believe that a sustainable world is possible. We are making it easier for people to align their good intentions with their good values to achieve a more just, equitable, and sustainable world. Enjoy a fully-digital and 100% paperless bank account with the smoothest and easiest account-opening processes.

With any Areti Bank account you have the services you need for managing your everyday banking with 24/7 access to your money while joining a community of people who want to make the difference, being part of the solution for problems the world is facing today….

Put your money in action for something good

Banking with us you can be confident that your money is safe and is doing good for people and the environment. So, if you would like your money working to make the world a better place, join us in this powerful movement for good.

Virtue Checking Account

A checking account design with conscience on the banking features people need today but built in values for those who care about the environment, people, and the society.

Zustennials Saving Account

A savings account design with conscience on the banking features people need today. The only accounts designed to the generation to come. The zustennials. Let’s help the future generation change the world for the better.

Virtue Saving Account

With our Virtue Saving Account you receive a high interest income, while your money is contributing to positive change on people and the environment.

Responsible Business Account

Because we know a sustainable future depends on smart and responsible business we support today.

Sustainable banking: Changing banking for a better future

We strongly believe in offering a new kind of bank in which our focus is on partnering with our clients to create a more sustainable future. We believe in a new kind of bank, more responsible with people and the environment. We are committed on placing our mission into action aligning financial support with the SDGs and promoting sustainability across industries, sectors, and communities.

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Sustainable Energy

To meet the goals of the Paris Agreement we need to decarbonize large swathes of the global economy.

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Cleaner Production

Reducing environmental risks and increasing overall efficiency is possible if organizations integrate their processes and services with green technologies.

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Green consumerism

Economic change always starts with the customer demanding change. We believe a sustainable economy requires changes in the way we consume.

How to join us in this powerful force for good?

Open an account with us and put your money in action for something good. We want you to start making the difference as quickly as possible – so we keep onboarding simple. Our speedy onboarding includes a 100% digital process which would let you be part of Areti Bank just in minutes.

Open an account and become an Areti Bank’s partner. Help us to generate buzz and spread the message about this powerful force for good. By becoming an Areti Bank’s partner you are joining a referral program and get rewarded by referring friends or a business which shares our values.

Being part of Areti Bank means being a part of a network of businesses, consumers and investors dedicated to growing a more sustainable economy. Areti Bank Marketplace will be a community of environmentally ethical and socially-responsible small businesses and conscious consumers working together to build a more sustainable society.

All what you need... in a better choice

Our Mission is to generate a positive impact to people and the environment through our products and services, encouraging sustainable banking through a conscious and responsible use of money

Personal Banking

  • Banking with us is easy. We are making it easier for people to align their good intentions with their good values.
  • No Hidden Fees
  • Bank whenever and wherever you need.
  • Feel safe
  • We are here for you 24/7
  • Digital First Banking

Business Banking

  • Our Responsible Business Checking Account is a checking account design thinking on the banking features business need today.
  • Manage Your Banking Services Online.
  • Apply for an Account in Minutes. ​
  • Access Your Account on Mobile or Desktop.
  • Personalized Attention 24/7.
  • Make and Receive Multi-currency Payments.

Investment Banking

  • Unlike other investment firms, sustainable investing is not just a part of what we do. It is all what we do.
  • Align Our Investments With Our Values.
  • We Connect Financial Returns With Esg
  • Investment Team Focused In Financial Performance And Growth.
  • We Create Positive Impact By Investing In Business With Sustainable Solutions.

A different way to do banking!

Sustainable, Digital & Human

At Areti Bank, we’re on a mission to change banking for good. That means building a banking model that makes money management easier and also being a responsible business that does the right thing.

Our Lending Focus

In Areti Bank we focus in empowering you to contribute to build a better world...

We transform your capital contributions into actions in favor of people and the environment.

Investment Advisory

Does your investment fit your values?

At Areti Bank we truly believe investments is the most powerful force to achieve a sustainable economy, so it is time to align our investments with our values.

Mortgage Lending

Buy a home

So, you’ve found the perfect home – now for the perfect mortgage. Lendz, our mortgage lender, offers the ultimate experience. Modern lending has never been easier.

Blog and News

Blog posts, news and updates to help you change the world of banking

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