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About Us

What does Areti mean?

Areti means Virtue

Just as our name implies, we believe in Virtue. It is the foundation of our principles and rules our behavior in the banking sector by the highest moral standards. We invite you to be part of the solution. Our goal is to create a more sustainable world through sustainable banking.

At Areti Bank we are aware of the challenges that the planet faces today.  We are an invitation to be part of the solution, to create a more sustainable world through banking. We want to make sure the generation to come inherits a more livable planet.

Our Mission

Is to generate a positive impact on people and the environment through our products and services.

Our Vision

Is to be the global reference for sustainable banking.

Our Goal

Is to encourage sustainable banking through a conscious and responsible use of money, providing financial products and services that generate a positive contribution to sustainable development.

"Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs"

UN General Assembly, 1987, Our Common Future p.43

Our Principles

As a bank committed to environmental and social change, we are proud to conduct business according to these principles:

pproachable. Being approachable is our key to building strong relations with our clients and employees. We see ourselves less as a traditional bank and more as a team of people partnering to make the world a better place.

How Areti works?

We are a bank for people who care about the role their money plays in the world. We strongly believe in offering a new kind of bank with a focus on partnering with our clients to create a more sustainable future.

Capital Inputs

  • Individuals
  • Institutions
  • Business

Positive Impacts

  • People
  • Environment
  • Society

Our business model consists in transforming capital inputs from our depositors and investors into positive impacts that benefit people and the environment and contribute to the UN’s sustainable development goals (SDGs) and the Paris Agreement.

Changing banking for a better future

What makes us different?

At AretiBank we support the vision that prosperity and well-being for all, within the Earth’s ecological limits, is possible through the sustainable development pathways expressed in the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

We believe that financial institutions must contribute significantly to achieving a sustainable economy.  Given our role of intermediaries and the resulting influence on other industries, we are committed on putting our mission into action by aligning financial support to the SDGs and promoting sustainability across industries, sectors, and communities.

Putting our mission into action

To comply our mission, Areti Bank has a positive approach to invest, finance or lend only on and sectors that contribute to generate positive impacts to people and the environment. To do so, we have a strategy based in four areas:

Sustainable energy

To meet the goals of the Paris Agreement we need to decarbonize large swathes of the global economy.

Green consumerism

People have an extraordinary power for change in their purchasing decisions.

Cleaner production

Transforming consumption and production patterns towards sustainability requires shifting financial flows from brown to green.

Sustainable investing

Connecting financial returns with environmental, social and governance performance (ESG).

What does your bank do with your money?

Our business model is focused on activities and sectors that generate positive impacts on people and the environment. With this focus in mind, we have developed a strategy based on three macro-areas:

Sustainable Energy

When you open an account with us, you become an integral part of driving the renewable energy movement and shaping the future. Join us in creating a better world for all by making renewable energy the easy choice for everyone.

To meet the goals of the Paris Agreement we need to decarbonize large swathes of the global economy. Massive flows of finance are needed to accelerate renewable energy use and production. More investment in renewables would reduce energy-related carbon emissions, a key element in efforts to limit global warming. Our mission is making the transition from fossil to clean and renewable energy easy and affordable. We believe that opportunities in funding energy efficiency existin in a wide variety of industrial and retail segments as infrastructure, manufacturing, housing, building maintenance, rural and urban.

Cleaner Production

At Areti Bank we support businesses and initiatives that include environmental technology, such as recycling and clean energy production.

We are aware that transforming consumption and production patterns towards sustainability requires shifting financial flows from brown to green. As regulatory frameworks continue to emerge, the demand for the equipment and financing of clean production process improvements will grow exponentially in the years to come; we want to contribute to accelerate the change.

Cleaner production is an integrated strategy to maximize benefits by making more efficient use of natural resources (materials, energy, or water) in manufacturing and service industries, while minimizing waste and emissions.

Green Consumerism

Economic change always starts with the customer demanding change. We believe that a sustainable economy requires changes in the way we consume.  People have extraordinary power for change in their purchasing decisions.

At AretiBank we promote “green consumerism” as a way of creating a balance between consumers and businesses, within the context of environmental protection. We promote green consumerism because it will shape new trends of consumption, more responsible for people and the environment.

Who We Are

Areti Bank is a purpose-driven team of experts in finance united by a shared mission of creating a more sustainable world for the generation to come. If you’re interested in joining us in our efforts, please visit our Careers page.

Heiner Speich

Heiner Speich


2 Tulia Hernández

Tulia Hernández

Executive Director

3 Gustavo Núñez

Gustavo Nuñez

Executive Director


Dimas Palmar


5 Indira Barrios

Indira Barrios

VP Business Development


César Hernández

Chief Business Officer

7 Kendy Briceño

Kendy Briceño

Chief Digital Officer


Yasmina Vucina

Chief Sustainability Officer

9 Mario Duran

Mario Durán

Chief Operations Officer


José Gómez

Chief Compliance Officer


Yisseth Ortega

SVP Customer Experience

12 Tomas Zambrano

Tomás Zambrano

Chief Technology Officer

13 Nicolás Roldán

Nicolas Roldan

SVP Digital Assets


Patricia Camacho

Chief Marketing & Communications Officer


Gustavo Núñez

Financial Crimes & Sanctions Officer

15 Miguel Santiago

Miguel Santiago

Accounting Manager

17 Bárbara Irizarry

Barbara Irizarry

VP Of Operations

18 Fabian Herrera

Fabián Herrera

VP Of Information Technology


Francis Delgado

Customer Due Diligence Manager ERM


Carlos Díaz

Information Technology Officer

19 Dina Rivera

Dinah Rivera

Operations Manager


Amarilis Guzmán

Executive Assistant to the CEO

23 Iván Peña

Iván Peña

Compliance Analyst

24 Jenielee Robles

Jenielee Robles

Accounting Officer

25 Katherin Rodriguez

Katherin Rodríguez

Customer Due Diligence Analyst - Onboarding


César David Palmar

Operations Analyst


Jocarol Rojas

Customer Service Analyst

Sara-Molina (1)

Sara Molina

Customer Service Analyst

29 Juan Cabrales

Juan Cabrales

Marketing & Communications Intern

30 Sarita Nashali

Nashali Sarite

Compliance Analyst

30 Diana Espinoz1

Diana Espinoza

Compliance Analyst