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Areti Bank joins the regional initiative of the State of Florida

Aware of the role of the business sector in building a just society and a better planet, Areti Bank has joined the Florida For Good initiative since February 23rd.

Florida For Good is a non-profit organization in the state of Florida that seeks to bring together all B Corp companies in the state and create a platform for exchange and collaboration among them.

BCorp companies are those that comply with B Lab certification, a seal that guarantees that these companies meet “the highest standards of social and environmental performance, of public transparency and legal accountability. Areti has begun the road to becoming a B Corp, a process that may take 9 to 12 months to complete.

“At Areti Bank we are extremely proud to have a new certification that, in addition to reflecting the spirit of our actions with the environment in which we operate, we are also proud to have a new certification that reflects the spirit of our actions with the environment”, says Dimas Palmar, CEO of Areti Bank.

Yasmina Vucina, Chief Sustainability Officer and SVP Strategic Partnerships, assures that Areti focuses on 4 key macro-areas to fulfill BLab’s objectives and collaborate with the Florida For Good platform. These 4 macro-areas are: Sustainable Energy, Green Consumption, Clean Production and Just Life.

“We want to get involved with local initiatives, and thus ensure that Areti’s impact reaches our communities, workers and customers”, and soon we will be joining local initiatives in Puerto Rico and other countries where we have a direct influence”, says Vucina.